Friday, September 17, 2004

K. SONYO established sector-based networks (9-12TH )

SONYO youth umbrella in collaboration with UNICEF conducted a national workshop for SONYO members in the six regions. The purpose of this workshop was to establish sector-based network for SONYO member organizations. Networking is one of the umbrella’s strategies to reduce the overlap of activities in youth organizations and to consolidate similar activities under sectoral and thematic basis.

During this workshop 5 networks were established and leaders of the organizations conducted a rapid assessment that identified their respective network membership. The following Networks were established:

HIV/AIDS network
Human right network
Sports network
Education network
And youth media network

SONYO intends to ensure the problems and challenges youth faced are responded to and better initiate change to further empower and strengthen the youth’s efforts to contribute to development. Information sharing and cohesive coordination mechanism are some of the expected outputs of network formation.

In this meeting:

SONYO member organizations were able to share experiences about their activities and evaluate their activities during the workshop
Sector-based networks like human rights, sports, education, HIV/AIDS networks were formed
The structure and leaders of the networks were developed,
The participants of the workshop understood the importance of coalition and collaboration.

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Sunday, April 18, 2004

SONYO implemented Youth Broadcasting Refresher

This program of Youth Broadcasting started in 2001 by a group young people from secondary schools and youth organization. The training was sponsored by UNICEF, the Refresher course was expanded to include other youth organizations like SOYDA, SOCSA, SYS (Hargeisa) SYS (Burco), HAVOYOCO, TOGOYOVO, ACARO, SAYS.

UNICEF has been conducting series trainings and distributes broadcasting materials including video cameras, recorders and other resources needed since 2001.

This was the first time SONYO implemented this activity since SONYO has been coordinating other youth organizations in the country.

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

SONYO Conducted 22th Anniversary of Youth uprising

Dhagaax Tuur or stone throwing is the students way of protest against the aggression of the Mohamed Siyad Bar`re’s dictatorship. Twenty years ago school students took to the streets of Hargeisa to protest against the oppression and killings of people of Somaliland.

The uprising of the students was in protest against the arrest and detention of young intellectuals, doctors, teachers and some of the elite, accused of committing high treason sentenced by the National Security Court for trying improve the sad condition of the Hargeisa group hospital.

In commemoration of this day, Somaliland National Youth Umbrella (SONYO umbrella) arranged special a ceremony attended by government ministers, opposition political parties and some of the intellectuals who were on trial on that historical day. They gave speeches at the Khayria and announced February 20 as the Somaliland National Youth Day.

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Sunday, February 08, 2004


A meeting was held with officials of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS) together with members of SONYO's National Council and member organizations from Hargeisa yesterday (Feb. 7) at the premises of the MOYS office. Officials from the MOYS include the Mohamed Saiid Mohamoud, Minister of Youth and Sports, Sayd Omar, Director of Youth and the Director of Sports.

Members of SONYO's National Council headed by its National Chairperson Mohamed Hassan Saiid together with leaders of member organizations like CRA, SOPYA, DCA, SOCSA, SYSTO, SOYDA, HYDA, ASSAL and VADCO exchange views on how the coordination of SONYO as representatives of active youth organizations in the country could better harmonize their relationship with the Ministry.

A heated but healthy debate ensued during the discussion that focused on SONYO and MOYS exchanging views on their respective performances in serving the Somaliland's youth . The meeting resulted with the creation of a Committee composed of SONYO members and officials from the Ministry that would further work out a mechanism to strengthen the relationship of the two parties.

Members of the Committee are as follows:

1. Cumar Cali Cabdi - Chairperson of the Committee (Director of Youth - MOYS)

2. Axmed Maxamed Shire - Member (MOYS)
3. Fu'aad Cabdi Xaaji - Member (Director of Planning - MOYS)
4. Cabdirahman Maxamed Guun - Member (SOPYA - SONYO)
5. Xassan Siciid Xayd - Member (CRA - SONYO)
6. Khaalid Aaden Cabdi - Member (HYDA-SONYO)

In a memorandum released by the Ministry today, MOYS reiterated the function of the Committee as agreed with SONYO members. The committee will be responsible in (1) creating a mechanism of coordination and (2) facilitate regular consultation meetings between the MOYS and youth groups

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004


SONYO conducted an education discussion about the role of youth in peace building and development. The key topics discussed during the session were:

1. How politicians and community leaders use the youth in times of campaigns and situations involving the nation's security.
2. How youth are used in times of conflict and clan-based wars.

The debate-discussion is a part of a weekly session of youth leaders from various parts of the region to sharpen SONYO's position on issues affecting the youth and Somaliland.

Objectives of these debates are:
(1) To promote the role of youth in peace building and development
(2) To increase the youth's understanding about their responsibilties in keeping peace and security
(3) To enhance the youth's participation in development issues, decision-making and peace building

As part of the discussion, participants were made to recollect the role of the youth in Somaliland's history. This was made by discussing the role and experience of UFFO, a group of young professionals and students who were arrested and imprisoned by the Siad Barre dictatorship while advocating for change.

The arrest, imprisonment and torture of the members of UFFO galvanized support from the massive population of youth and students who went out to demonstrate against the Siad Barre dictatorship. As a result, hundreds of students were arrested, physically harassed resulting to deaths of some student demonstrators.

To remember the sacrifice and vigilance of the youth and students during that time and to recognize the role of UFFO members in the fight against the dictatorship SONYO will:

(1) Work to make February 22, the day of the demonstration and arrests the Somaliland Youth Day.
(2) Work to further increase the awareness of the young generation today on their role as catalysts for change and to increase their understanding about their role in development and preserving peace.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Thirteen SONYO members attend Life skills Training in December 2003

SONYO sent 13 young people from the organizations SOYDA, HIMILO, SYSTO, SYS, HYDA, GAVO, ACARO, SCYVO, SOYVO, LAYVO, SOCSA, SAYS to participate in the Life Skills Training sponsored by UNICEF in Bosasso. The 14-day was participated young people from Somalia and Somaliland. After the completion of the workshop the participants were asked to re-echo the training to those members who were not able to participate.

The lessons learned from this training were:
Communication skills
HIV/AIDS prevention ways
How to live with HIV positive people without discrimination

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Wednesday, October 08, 2003


SONYO National Executive Director Mohamed Baroud Qalinle was the only Somali to participate in an Internationl Youth Conference held in Casablanca.
The conference facilitated information-sharing with other youth organizations from different parts of the globe.

This became a chance for Somaliland youth to present their work on the community and also make the world youth to understand that Somaliland is a peaceful country trying to rebuild itself from the effects of war.

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